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Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 12 Blog Post : Kaia, Her Father and Mr. C

Let me first start by saying that this was a great example of how we are fundamentally just people, regardless of culture, age, or geographical location. Here is Kaia’s father, with concerns no different for his child than those of us in the United States would have. And then his philosophies on education, learning and the outdoors are really common to those in our class and others here in the United States. I like that the blogs allow us to share ideas and see the commonality of people across the globe.

I truly enjoyed reading the posts. Mr. C’s class really hit a home run to find someone so curious and insightful to help the project be more than it was intended to be. I enjoyed Kaia’s fathers many mentions about taking risks to learn and to do that with people around the world.


  1. I love your take on the events. That is such an important lesson for people to learn and essential with our global reach.

    Jabiz Kaia's dad) is also someone I enjoy sharing with and learning from as well. He skyped in to Dr. Strange's class last semester, you might look for the video if it hasn't been linked this semester.

  2. Mr. C,

    Thanks for leading us in the variety of directions that you have. Sharing your teachings and learnings has been a great experience in this class. I would hope that you will be a contributor in our EDM310 Alumni Blog that we are just getting started on.

  3. Another amazing link in a truly amazing world!

  4. Wow! It is crazy how these connections are being made even in this class!

  5. Thanks to Jabiz and Kaia, I have the opportunity to take my daughter around the world at the young age of three (something her mother said was wasted until I spoke to her about this blog.) I have also learned what it takes, what is expected, and how to become a teacher in another country thanks to them. I also have a digital pen pal that will always remember me and soon my daughter will be able to chat with her from across the planet as if they were next door, because of this blog.