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Friday, March 5, 2010

Learning Through Game Play

Jeopardy Labs

This site came across my Google Reader this morning. First, it's free! (I think that must be the most common exclamation amongst teachers!) This is a site that offers a template for a game of Jeopardy. You enter the questions and answers and then set it up for the number of teams that will play.
can see this being a means for test review, a game at centers that could change regularly, or a way to make not-so-interesting material fun to learn. It would seem that any subject or grade level could use it from Government and Ethics, to Math, Social Studies, Physical Ed and Health, to Scholars Bowl or Spelling Bee prep.

I made a quick and dirty "Test Game" with math questions to see if it was worthwhile. This is ROUGH, but check it out by clicking on "Test Game.


  1. Yes! It works. Tweet about it with link (to main site) so others can use it.

  2. I am just not getting Twitter.... I don't know how to do that and know I can figure it out with some time.. It seems like my time to try is late at night when my eyes are half open. I will post soon, when I get it... Aaahhhh!

  3. Hi Jackie,

    Congratulations on your great blog! You are so lucky to have a teacher like Dr Strange. When I was at university we didn't learn anything about technology!

    Thank you for introducing me to JeopardyLabs. This is a site I haven't come across before and it looks like it could be very useful in the classroom! Thanks for doing the Test Game to try out.

    Its good to hear you're into Google Reader. I love using Google Reader to keep track of my favourite blogs.

    As for Twitter, I understand your reservations! I only got into it earlier this year after "trying" a few times. Good luck!

    Keep up your great work, I'm sure you'll be a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher!

    Kathleen McGeady
    2KM Blog