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Thursday, March 4, 2010

TimeToast Project Posted

Jackie's Sailing Career Timeline

This is the Time Toast Project completed today. It is just a simple example for myself to trial Time Toast.


  1. And I used the sailboat for Brooksie. Wrong person. You have quite a sailing resume! Congratulations. Does Lipton's Tea sponsor a boat?

  2. The Lipton Cup is a Gulf Yachting Association Championship, 4 race series. The GYA consists of yacht clubs from St. Pete to Houston and as far north as Birmingham and Arkansas. I think it's 32 clubs in all that compete during each calendar year in 15 or so regattas. The interclub boat for competition is the flying scot. Fat and slow with a small spinnaker, the three person boat is a blast (with breeze) because the one-design competition is pretty great.

    The Lipton family actually sponsored the regatta once upon a time. It is named for Sir Thomas Lipton. The 70-something year old trophy became molten silver in the Southern Yacht Club inferno the day after Katrina. The Lipton family provided a new trophy, presented for the first time (to our team at Buccaneer Yacht Club :)) in 2009.

    Do you sail currently?