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Friday, March 26, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers Weeks 7,8,and 9

Week 7 : “Augmented Reality : Does it have a place/future in education?” by David Hopkins.

Watch this video for a new development in experiencing history, architecture, geography, medicine, etc. into your home or classroom. I love this. Check out more about Augmented Reality on David Hopkins' blog, eLearning Blog Don't Waste Your Time.

Week 8 :
" Email Is So 1973” is a presentation on how email could become obsolete. The video introduces real time conversations as the preferred means to online discussion versus email. I’m not clear about the advantages of this versus video conferencing of IM’s. I may just not understand fully the real time conversation concept. It is evidence, though, of the constant progression of real time communication.

Week 9 :

See my previous post for the presentation called “Presentation Skills for Geography Teachers.”

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