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Monday, March 22, 2010

Alabama Learning Exchange - ALEX

Alex : Alabama Learning Exchange

**** Be sure to get down to the section about a potential opportunity for EDM310 students.***

By the title, I am assuming that ALEX is a site where Alabama educators can share information. Oddly enough, there is no introduction or information about ALEX that I was able to find. So one needs to “figure it out” by searching the site.

Let me move on to the positives I found. It appears that ALEX is a site where Alabama educators can come to get leads on educational resources such as web links, lesson plans, and a place where a collection of podcasts by subject has been started. There are also professional development resources available from grant writing podcasts to leadership and evaluation information to name a few.

This site link is on the Illinois New Teacher website as a resource. You can also follow it on Facebook.

Don’t miss this interesting potential opportunity :

Gov. Riley’s iChallenge Podcast Competition - Is this up our alley or what???

Governor Bob Riley’s Podcast Challenge Announcement

the iChallenge Website

The competition is open to Alabama teachers, higher education faculty, students (that may include us), and is designed, per the site, to get people involved in the evolution of technology use in Alabama’s education realm.

Gov. Riley with Apple iTunes U invites those who qualify to make podcasts that either deliver professional development or teach a concept. Maybe some of the podcast topics we presented over the past couple of weeks would qualify. At a minimum, we all had some really great information that would be nice to share with others getting started in the technology realm.


  1. I had not seen this. Let's see if we can't get some winners in EDM310. We'll talk about it tomorrow after our Skype session with Joe McClung!

  2. It says that professors can enter, but nothing about college students. Hmm...

  3. Your blog is great! I have used ALEX before so I was already aquainted with the website before this blog. It is really a great resource once you find all the goodies on the website.
    The Podcast Challenge would be awesome! I think this class gives us the knowledge to make great podcasts about technology and we need to share EDM 310 knowledge with others. Great post.

  4. Well its a great site hopefully you get it all sorted out. Your blog is very organized and I really enjoyed your posts.