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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Morgan Bayda: An Open Letter to Educators

My hat is off to Morgan Bayda. All I can say is : ENERGY! I'll be checking out her blog often. She may be great to collaborate with on the Alumni Blog.

I loved Dan Brown's video. I wish the K-12 kids had a say in the education they are provided. Free and appropriate.. That 's the education their supposed to be getting, but all of this fact memorizing makes my stomach turn. It's up to us to give them more than that!

I'm curious about the alternative education path that he will either find, or most likely create for himself that would grant him opportunities for employment. Is he looking for another university? Wouldn't it be interesting to know if there were universities out there with the programs that he describes?

Here he is below:

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  1. I completely agree with Dan Brown and yourself when you say that it makes you sick about all of the memorization. It makes me sick as well. We should be truly helping children learn and think about what they are learning instead of drilling facts for burp-back tests.

    Of course Dan Brown does need to continue his education and at the moment I do not think a perfect college exists. I hope he finds one and when he does I hope he lets us know where it is!

    Great Post! Your blog is awesome.