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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Innovative Educator - Sir Ken Robinson - "Eureka! We've Finally Perfected Educating Students for the Past"

I know we are supposed to post our Comments4Teachers at the end of week 12, but I don't think I could wait that long. This was a good clip, which talks about meeting kids needs individually as no two people are alike. He touches on standardized testing and how we can't evaluate the success of a student with a one-size-fits-all evaluation.

I was intrigued by a comment posted by a gentleman who calls himself "Marksrightbrain." He made some comments that I either don't understand or am just in such disagreement that I can't see his point (not always an endearing quality of mine :)). If you have a chance to read his comments, then my response, I would really be interested in your feedback. Click here to go to this posting on The Innovative Educator.

Thanks, Jackie

Below is the clip.

1 comment:

  1. Jackie: Two years later, I find this comment via google. Nevertheless, it seems that you and dozens of other teachers were (and perhaps are still)under the spell of corporate shills like Sir Ken and Dan Pink and fail to see through what they represent. What they are saying should automatically be obvious to ANY teacher with their own brain to think and analyze critically regarding what it takes to construct effective lessons for the classroom. In essence, the are saying nothing new or innovative. They've repackaged basic teaching methodology and are selling it back to a new generation of less literate teachers who were raised with computers on their laps, instead of books. When teachers stop alighting corporate America driven bandwagons and start thinking and acting on their own, then I won't have to inveigh against their ineptitude. If you are creative and driven as a teacher, your kids will learn and do well on standardized tests. The problem lies in the fact that the last few generations of teachers are generally ill-prepared intellectually. They can't write and they can't articulate an argument or a debate. When they can't, the cry and whine that people are being "mean" to them. But, this is the kind of younger society so many of you wanted-- comprised of egalitarian collectivists.