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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why is it important for students to post their work to blogs (or other places)?

One common thread to the many blogs that I have had the privilege to encounter this semester is that kids like to know that someone can view and comment on their work. I had thought the they would be more apt to not want to put themselves out for display, but it is much the contrary.

Posting is different, fun and a special assignment for students. It provides them a tangible role in the learning process. Wasn't that one of the lessons in Week 1 of EDM310? Posting is out of the norm - today. It empowers them to be a part of the learning process. A site that I stumbled on this semester, is MathtrainTV. I dug into it because I was interested in math related podcast teaching tools, but became instantly fascinated because the students are doing the teaching. Check out this posting on The Innovative Educator, "Kids Teach with Mathcasting." The key words are KIDS TEACH. This is really a great example of using technology in the classroom.

Within the posting is a link for Mathtrain.TV where the students' math podcasts reside. The podcasts are really well done. Check them out!

If you want a sampling of failure prior to success for a teacher when using podcasts in the classroom, take a look at Sustainability Digital which is a blog hosted by 9th grade science teacher Ben Wildeboer. The blog contains comments from the teacher on the trials of the initial video project. You can see the enthusiasm of the students in the videos. An alternative "traditional" assignment may not have inspired the effort by the students that the video had.
This was a Comments4Kids assignment where I commented on the alkaline earth metals video produced. The students produced their own videos pertaining to their subject. This is Mrs. McGeady’s 2KM class blog. Their teacher announced a contest that would involve blog posting tips. She asked that anyone who had something to add to the recommendations to comment. I added that it was polite to respond to a post made on your blog kindly to express your appreciation for their contribution.

Eric Langhorst, Speaking of History

Eric Langhorst's classes appear to be very integrated with technology. He uses technology with many assignments, and to convey information. Check out this blog post, The Donner Party Project, where he has experts on the topic and education peers comment on the student videos. Students present info and also debate on video.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for your exceptional contributions, enthusiasm and detective work. I must remember this for math students. And history students as well.