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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Professional Blog - EDM 310 Alumni Blog

This is an experpt from my post entitled "Final Comments on the Evolution of my PLN."

I feel like the cherry on the sundae has been the EDM 310 Alumni Blog. I enjoyed using Google Docs and gmail to acquire addresses, form the team (of 20-30) and understand the needs and desires for the project. This was a bit of a test run for me in using the available fee technology to collaborate with never meeting face to face. Google Docs was used to create a form and now we have a project start. This project has caused me to take my PLN to a new level locally. I've met more classmates and other EDM310 students, and the project vision gets a little more defined with each email and new contributor.

I had mentioned, in my February 27th post, that I would continue to do something rather than nothing to venture into uncharted waters. Jamie Lynn and I did just that in about 15 minutes face to face (during Dr. Strange's lecture - thank you for understanding Dr. S!) and the birthday was established. It was fun and most rewarding.

The best part is that we now have a local network of fledgling teachers with a common forum to exchange ideas and learn from.

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