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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview Project


  1. You guys did a great job on your video. :) That is sad that they don't get a chance to use podcasts at Davidson. I'm not sure what I'm going to do my interview on yet. Have a great evening.

  2. If the students have down time, what is wrong with them checking their email or playing a quick game? The distractions he talked about are not technology problems, they are curriculum problems (and perhaps perception problems by the teacher.) I would suspect that with what he teaches he has some motivated students. If they are learning the curriculum he is presenting but still have some down time, why not let them use it the way they see fit?

  3. I just left a meeting where one faculty member said "[all] students want printed copies. The first thing they do is print it. They need something to hang on to. Something to write on." Sounds a lot like what Mr. Fletcher said. In the case of the faculty member, when pushed, actually admitted her statement was what she did, not necessarily what "all" students did.

    I was the same way. But it doesn't take much practice to become "green," or at least almost green. Now I expect things to be in electronic format. It many ways an electronic copy is easier to work with! I am even listening to books. I have "read" more books this year by listening rather than reading. There are some shortcomings. It is harder to keep track of pages where there are good quotes, and it is a lot harder to skip or "re-hear". But the great advantage is that I can do it while driving the 58 miles round trip to the school. And the book addicts are rapidly decreasing i number. In many ways I wish more students were attached to books. Now they MUCH prefer to listen or watch.