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Friday, April 9, 2010

Project 8 - Teach Someone With Technology

The Prototype : Adding Mixed Numbers

The project I have chosen is something I plan to use on Monday with a student that I tutor in math. During the second or third week of the semester, I had decided that podcasts and video casts would have a place in my classroom. Math seems like a great subject to have a library of short, technique tutorials for students that may need further review. The student that I tutor has difficulties in taking notes and understanding the material during class. So, here it is. The prototype for tutorials to come. It is a little rough (such as the title should read "Adding Mixed Fractions") but I wanted to spend the time to see it through to posting to make sure I understood how to make and post a podcast using a PC. All the Mac students seem to be wizzes at it and those of us with PC's have a little more of a cumbersome path.

This will need to be polished, or Take 2 will need to happen before I share it with my student and his teacher on Monday.

Some things I will improve :

-practice a couple of times before recording, then the rest would probably be better
- be more accurate in my information (the title is wrong, and if time permits, I'll correct)
- a bigger white board
- better handwriting
-decrease the length, be more concise
-find a better recording set up - I used my desk and an old whiteboard my kids play with
-add inflection in my voice with logical transitions to not put the viewer to sleep

I used a Logitech 500 Webcam, a write on/wipe off board, Windows Movie Maker 2.1 and then Mydeo to post it. Mydeo is a web video host, and it is free. I chose the streaming option for the video. I don't know if that was the right choice, but in the essence of learning, it was the first try.

Adding Mixed Numbers


  1. I have no video. Only a black screen. Maybe Mydeo is not the best host. If the video is <10 minutes, upload it to YouTube or TeacherTube. Or send it to me and I'll put it on my Apple site.

    We can solve it, I am sure!

  2. Thank you for the feedback. It was there when I tested it. I took a look at it a few times after posting.

    Is there an "expiration date" on some of these sites for how long they will hold your video or podcast? Does YouTube have an expiration date?