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Friday, April 9, 2010

EDM 310 Alumni Blog - The Survey is Out! Be Heard!

Email Me if you want a version of the survey that you would submit.

The survey is available for you to complete if you would like to provide input on the design of a blog for all of us to use once we move on to the next stage after EDM310 and then in our after USA life. Instructions are in the header of the survey. Responses have to be submitted by Wednesday, April 14th, please.

THIS IS NOT MANDATORY, BUT VOLUNTARY. It's a student driven project, not an assignment.


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  1. Instead of using a blog, have you considered using It allows for much more flexibility and an easier way to socially network.Just a thought..

  2. Thanks a million, Mr. C. Jamie Lynn and Tyler are trying to decide which technology to use for this, and the blog idea just doesn't work for open contribututions, or an easy, open social network as you mention. Ning has not come up, but I will pass it on. Could we count on you as a contributor when it is up?

    Thanks for taking the time to post your suggestion! It is ,much appreciated.

  3. Jackie,

    Looks like Ning won't be the best answer now that is going to a paid model. There are some alternatives such as that may work. I would be happy to contribute. Give me a holler when you are ready.


  4. Thanks Mr. C. I've passed this on to the two folks deciding on the system. It'll be a little bit before it is up, but when it is, I'll holler!