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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Posting to a Student's Blog Does Make a Difference - for Student and Teacher

I was tickled to receive this response to a post on my Comments4Kids posting. This was her response :

Heather said...

Thank you so much Jackie for commenting on my blog and I wish you all the best but always keep up teaching your students.
April 21, 2010 9:17 AM

I always leave a question on a Comments4Kids post, hoping to begin a dialogue with some student somewhere in the universe. They never answer the questions, and this was the first response. But we do make a difference letting them know that we have seen their work AND were impressed!

Just another thing that makes teaching so fascinating and rewarding.


  1. Hi Jackie,
    Just wanted to say... I think you are so AMAZING! Single mom, working mom, and you do all of this school work and over-achieve- you are so awesome-- I want your energy! I'm so inspired by you- I'm a single mom too, but to only one! So if you can do it I certainly can- you encourage me and you are so intelligent, I'm glad I'll be able to still ask you guys questions in the future on the alumni blog :)

    Thanks so much for including me in it.


  2. Dear Brooksy,

    Wow! Thank you for your very kind words. I'm a bit humbled.

    You not only can do it, you are doing it. And like I tell my daughters, don't let anyone or anything convince you that you can't. Sometimes it's just a matter of believing you can, and then somehow it happens.

    I just had a girl scout meeting with my troop a week ago, and I have a girl going through an "I can't phase." They are in second grade, so that's not unusual. When she said she couldn't band her tie-dye shirt, I asked her look at her vest with all her Try-it patches and told her "You said you can in the past, and your patches are your proof and reminder when you forget what you've done. If you keep telling yourself you can't then you're going to earn the 'I can't' try-it. So how many Try-it's do you think you're going to earn after you earn that one?" She replied "I don't know." But my more confident scouts replied "NONE!!" So we talked about saying I will and I can and then it will happen. Her shirt turned out great, by the way.

    So your proof (your patches, so to say) is the quality of your blog with evidence of your sincerity and desire to be a great teacher. Your other proof is that beautiful girl you have.

    This class has been a bit magical to me. This is what I think college should be about. I really feel that I have grown intellectually, academically and professionally due to this course. Class B, Dr. Strange and the course design has been inspirational on a number of fronts, energizing me and only further assuring me that teaching is a profession, network and charitable cause I can't wait to be a part of. All that said, it scares me a bit, but I am looking forward to having our alumni blog to share and lean on the others in our class for some great ideas, feedback and overall support.

    The best to you,