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Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Assignment 4 - Summary of Podcast Information Found - Helpful Stuff

Summary of information found about Podcasts

Website : Engage - by the University of Wisconsin Madison

This website provided tips on creating a podcast. The following information may be helpful to all of us in EDM310 whom are preparing to create our first podcast.

This is reprinted from the website.

There were some important points in the first step. UWM mentions that choosing to present material with a lot of detail is usually best kept to a lecture or reading because podcasts are usually listened to by the user while they are doing something else. Therefore they probably would not be taking notes during the podcast.

In Step 4, Produce your podcast , the information about your presence on the podcast will help in determining how you design it and whether or not you will consider video or audio or slides.

This site has a lot of information pertaining to podcast use and production.


“This is the home of the free podcast tutorial that will take
your podcast from concept to launch fast and for minimal cost
brought to you by, Jason Van Orden, author of Promoting Your Podcast."”

See the Audacdity related podcast that demonstrates how to add music and voice tracks to your podcast using Audacity.I like this tutorial for a couple of reasons. It gives specifics while demonstrating for the introduction of a podcast. This is a great example for the podcast factors of sound quality, environment, and interest level.

Check out Joe Dale’s blog, specifically the tutorial. It has a ton of really neat stuff from photo information to podcasting in the classroom. His focus is bringing technology to the foreign language classroom. He has posted links to many valuable sites that may help in our podcast project. I’ve bookmarked his site for blog ideas and tools.


  1. I am very impressed with how quickly you have jumped in to the world of ed tech. I haven't seen anyone get this excited since Dr. Strange.

    I think you should get a jump start on Twitter. I can see you would really get a lot out of the conversations that take place online. It is the best resource for learning about ed tech I know of. Follow me @wmchamberlain and I can help you get some followers that can help you out.

  2. Hello Mr. Chamberlain,

    Thanks so much for the post!

    So help me see straight, please, on Twitter. I am not opposed, just apprehensive, because I am assuming it to be much like Facebook. I love Facebook, but just don't have a lot of time to respond to people for just chit chat. I really don't mean for that to sound so caddy (that sounded bad), but I think everyone in my high school class (of 1986) that I hadn't seen in decades would seek out anyone from that class and write. I found myself stressed out and obligated to write my 200 "catch up with you" emails. So, I'm sorry to say, I hardly Facebook. I love networking and would love to go with Twitter if I can be allowed to not get caught up with having to be online with it at all times.. I will follow you and see how it goes since I know nothing about it and go from there.

    Thanks again for your assistance!

    Jackie Gorski

  3. This was very insightful and i think this will help me too! I am so nervous about this podcast! But, your post is very good and thanks for sharing it!

  4. Fantastic! Wow!

    And as for Twitter, have you read/watched my materials on Twitter yet? You should. Like anything, you have to pace yourself. Mr. C lives on twitter. But there are 105 hours in his day and only 24 in mine. The best analogy I have heard about twitter is that it is like a stream that is always flowing. You dip your cup in and drink. It is good. But there is a LOT of water that keeps on flowing by. You can't worry about that. Just dip, enjoy and share. Are you following me? You can see how I use Twitter. It has been extremely valuable to me. But I use it differently than Mr. C. And you will use it differently than either of us. The most important thing is to watch the right people. I have given you a ton of suggestions. Contribute to the stream when you feel comfortable and have something to contribute.

  5. And some visits from New Zealand. Great!

  6. Dr. Strange,

    Your feedback on Twitter helps. I follow you. I did sign up and am following Mr. C and yourself to see what comes along. I'm going to see how to streamline to make that my professional enrichment line. I certainly appreciate the feedback from folks!This networking is priceless!

    As for visits to my blog, I have to say I was as excited as a little kid at Christmas to have some red dots on my map! Especially one from NZ. LOL!